Three Pieces of Business

I have three quick pieces of blogging business to share:

Firstly, some kind Academic Librarian filled out the survey and indicated s/he would like biographical or institutional information shared, but did not leave an email address so I have no way of knowing who it was!  The timestamp is 3/9/2012 8:04:31 (that’s PST). I have contacted everyone else, so if you haven’t got an email from, this is probably you.  Would you please email me?

Secondly, as of this morning (3/12/2012) we have had 89 responses to the survey!  We have a lot of great responses from people who hire for public and academic libraries, but the following are under-represented:

Archives – 1 response

School Libraries – 0 responses

Special Libraries – 2 responses

If you are  someone who hires for those types, or have some contacts who do, I would be very grateful if you would forward or visit the link to participate.  Non-librarians who hire librarians are welcome!

Finally, Naomi House from I Need a Library Job was kind enough to do an interview of me!  Check it out here.


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