Stats and Graphs: A Purely Academic Matter

Thanks for your patience!  Here are the fun-with-Excel stats and graphs from our first 52 responses from Academic libraries.

If you would like to help build a more detailed picture of what hiring managers are really looking for, please go to


As many as it takes, but shorter is better 12 23.08%
Only one! 16 30.77%
Other 7 13.46%
Two is ok, but no more 17 32.69%

As many as it takes, but keep it short and sweet 29 55.8%
As many as it takes, I want to look at every accomplishment 8 15.4%
No answer 2 3.8%
Only one! 1 1.9%
Other 6 11.5%
Two is ok, but no more 6 11.5%

.pdf 12 23.1%
no answer 1 1.9%
No preference, as long as I can open it 34 65.4%
Other 5 9.6%

I don’t care 18 34.6%
No 26 50.0%
no answer 1 1.9%
Other 2 3.8%
Yes 5 9.6%

As an attachment only 21 40.4%
Both as an attachment and in the body of the email 6 11.5%
I don’t care 15 28.8%
In the body of the email only 1 1.9%
no answer 2 3.8%
Other 7 13.5%


0-10 11 21.2%
10-50 28 53.8%
50-100 7 13.5%
100-200 4 7.7%
200+ 2 3.8%

It’s complicated 1 1.9%
No 1 1.9%
Yes 50 96.2%

hiring manager 41 78.8%
member of hiring committee 48 92.3%
Other 3 5.8%
human resources 1 1.9%

**Respondents could pick more than one response, so total is more than 52.


I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you noticed any interesting commonalities among the longer interviews? Is there advice you agree or disagree with? Did anything particularly surprise you? Are there questions you’d like to see added to the survey? Please leave a comment.And thank you for reading!

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    Reblogged this on JANINEVEAZUE and commented:
    The amazing folks over at have put together this amazing study based on employer surveys across the country. The survey consisted of somewhat-basic–yet critical questions that all job-seekers can use to ensure that they put their best foot forward. THANK YOU GUYS!

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