Stats and Graphs: 118 Perspectives on Experience

This week the stats and graphs post will be a little different, and perhaps somewhat silly.

Our discussions last week about the need for experience made me wonder about the surveys as a whole.  I went through the 118 I have collected and pulled out all the answers that include the word experience. If you don’ t like math, skip to the end where there’s a nice word cloud for you.

With 20 questions and 118 responses, there are 2,360 possible places for me to find the word “experience.”  I only found it in129 responses, which is 5.5% of total possible.

However, 6 of those questions deal with demographics and the question of anonymity, so those would not really be a place to find respondents talking about experience, so that reduces the total possible places by 708, leaving 1652 possible places.  Which raises experience mentions to 7.8%.

Of the remaining 14 questions, five more are multiple choice, dealing with formatting for resumes and cover letters.  One of these questions (dealing with resume length), does have a few write in responses about experience, so I will leave that in.  So that leaves 10 questions, 118 respondents, and 129 which include the word “experience.”  So, 10.9% of all the responses to individual questions contain the word “experience.”

The question that created the highest number of occurrences of the word experience was “What are the top three things you look for in a candidate?”, with 38 respondents mentioning “experience” (32.2%).

What does this signify?  Nothing much really, I just think math is fun.

And now, your word cloud, which includes the text of all of the responses to individual questions that contain the word “experience”, minus the common words like “the”.

Experience Word Cloud


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