Do you read this via RSS?

Hello my dear readers,

Please excuse this boring blog business.

Do you read this blog via RSS?  Depending on when you subscribed, you may be getting a feed burned by Feedburner.  Google is shutting down the API on Oct. 20 (I don’t really even know what that means) and there have been internet mutterings that Google is letting the service go out not with a bang but with a whimper.

Today I looked at my subscriber stats and found that I’d dropped from 225 to 0 overnight.  😦  I think you’re still out there receiving this though.

So I am going to move the feed.  Do you have any suggestions for a new service?  I’m looking for something free that will tell me in a very simple manner if there’s anyone out there reading this.

And please stay tuned for the move!  I’ll let you know when we go.





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14 responses to “Do you read this via RSS?

  1. I subscribe to your Feedburner feed and it worked just fine. It seems that the updates are still working even though everyone’s subscriber counts have been dropped to zero. I’m having the same problem with my blog and it will definitely be a hassle to find a replacement service and transfer everything without losing people along the way :\

  2. Janie

    I received your post via RSS. Please keep us informed as to what happens, I really enjoy reading your posts! They’ve been most helpful in my job search and preparing for interviews. Thank you!

  3. Scott Lanning

    I am still receiving! That’s is really annoying. Sorry I don’t know anything about feeds/feeders. Good luck! I really enjoy your blog, so please keep it going!

  4. I still receive the posts via RSS! Will be on the lookout in the future.

  5. meg

    I get your posts through RSS and my google reader and it still showed up!

  6. I use Google Reader to subscribe to the blog (and this post did show up) and if I search for Hiring Librarians it says there are 181 subscribers. I don’t know a lot about RSS feeds but the Google Reader help page recommended Atom 1.0 or RSS 2.0 for publishing the feeds.

  7. I use google reader to subscribe to this blog, and it showed up. It looks like it is linked to URL

    • WorkingLibrarian

      I read via Feedburner (I get your posts in my inbox), and your post showed up this morning just like normal. Please do keep us posted on where you switch to, because I’d like to continue to receive your posts via email, so if I have to go sign up with a new company, I certainly will. Good luck!

  8. I subscribe via Google Reader. I have no idea if that is feedburner or not. The whole RSS thing baffles me.

  9. I’m reading this via Google Reader. I had never heard of the term “feedburner” before. I think (and hope) it must be a separate service.

  10. i read with google reader and i found both this and your next post in my stream today (i didn’t look yesterday or i might have seen them sooner).

  11. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you’re still receiving. So far I haven’t found a good (free) alternative to Feedburner, but I will be sure to give you plenty of notice before we move.

    For Priscilla and others: Here is how I understand it, which may or may not be correct. Feedburner and GoogleReader are separate services. Feedburner translates this blog into a format (RSS) that GoogleReader then displays for you (in a human-readable way). Feedburner sends, and GoogleReader receives.

    I was using Feedburner because it gave me some statistics about how many people reading. WordPress also makes an RSS feed, which people who subscribed in February/March, as well as email subscribers, are most likely receiving. However, with WordPress, you only see how many email subscribers you have, not how many people are reading via a feedreader like GoogleReader or Bloglines.

  12. Jessica

    Here via Google Reader, so probably not showing up in the stats, but I’m still out there reading!

  13. Carolyn

    I’m also here via my Google RSS feed. I think that there are changes afoot, as I know they are getting rid of iGoogle in November, and it seems like it’s about time for a new technology that we’ll all switch over to, even though RSS seemed to be working fine for me.
    (Maybe the new MySpace?) 🙂

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