Job Hunter’s Revenge: A New Survey! (and some Miscellany)

So normally today would be a Further Questions post, but I didn’t ask a question this week.  I do have a few things to share though:


Three children dressing up as adults, Horton, 1912

I’ve had a blast working with Naomi House from I Need A Library Job on a survey aimed at library job hunters, or recently hired librarians. The goals of this survey are:

1. To provide information for people who hire librarians about what attracts (or repels) job hunters, what is confusing, and what (if anything) is awesome about the hiring process
2. To let job hunters vent a little
3. To let job hunters share information about strategies

If you are currently looking for work, or have been hired within the last two months, please share your experiences with us at:


Unemployed Librarians!  This you can’t afford professional development at Library Juice Academy?  Think again!  They’ve launched an effort to subsidize you via crowd-sourcing: sponsorship and micro-loans.  Kind of a neat idea, huh?


There was a recent discussion on the ALA Think Tank Facebook group about cover letters and the traditional business letter format.  I never use that format, primarily because I don’t want to give up those three to five lines in order to include the library’s address.  However, some of the hiring managers in that group thought that not using a business format seemed to indicate that the applicant did not know how to write a business letter.

What do YOU think?

If you’re a job hunter, do you use that format?  If you’re a hire-er, do you want to see that full formal style?  Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter.


Other than that, take a look at the Further Questions archive.  What haven’t I asked yet?  I’d love to ask your questions.


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4 responses to “Job Hunter’s Revenge: A New Survey! (and some Miscellany)

  1. Katrina

    I don’t put the library’s address in my letters… never have… Didn’t know that’s the “business” format? I put my name, email, and phone numbers (put the date to the right, saves space). I do however, make sure I mention the library’s name in the opening paragraph and at the very least in the closing paragraph.


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  3. When sending an attached letter that might be printed, I used the formal business layout. When sending an email, I started with the salutation and changed the colon to a comma.


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