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Here is this week’s installment of the Library School Career Center feature, which is presented in partnership with the folks from the blog Hack Library School.  If you’re interested in library education, or in new ideas and the future of the profession, you should check it out.

This interview is with Tara Iagulli, Tara IagulliDirector of Career Services, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Library and Information Science.

Career Center Information

Who staffs the career center? Please talk a little about how it is managed and run.

It is run by me and I have one Administrative Assistant who schedules appts., post jobs, communicates with employers, helps with events, etc.

Are there “career experts” on staff?  What are their credentials?

Yes, See bio link

Does the career center provide any of the following:

√ Job Listings √ Resume/CV Review √ Help writing cover letters

√ Literature/articles √ Interview Practice √General career coaching

√ Networking events: in-person – Speed Interviewing Event

√ Other: Negotiating help, Alumni Panels, On-Campus Interviews, Industry speakers, Open House

Do you provide in-person services?

√ Appointments √ Drop-in career center: when available, appt. preferred

√ Mixers or other networking events   √ Speakers, or programs that present experts

Do you provide online services?

√ Website with resources   √ Webinars   √ Newsletter

What do you think is the best way for students to use the career center?

Start early – the most effective coach or counselor is one who knows the client well – building the connection and maintaining the relationship is important.  Make an individual appointment and bring materials with them. Come prepared with questions, concerns. Review the Career Office guides on resumes and cover letters before appt.

May alumni use career center resources?

Yes, for the first year out alumni are treated the same as current students. After 1 year, individual sessions are on scheduled when time allows.  Alumni can always use the online job board and attend events.

Are there any charges for services?

No, not yet. This has been discussed and may happen one day.

Can you share any stories about job hunters that found positions after using the career center?

There are too many stories to list.  Eventually all of our graduates get employed and I do not take credit for that.  I am happy if they learned to interview or negotiate better from our sessions.  These stories are better to be told from the student’s perspective.  I can say that I get a lot of thank you cards so generally our students are very appreciative of our center.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers about your services in particular, or about library hiring/job hunting in general?

Career experts are there to give you the tools, but as the actual job seeker you still have to do all of the work.  Job searching is a hard process period and we are here to help students navigate the process effectively.  Spending time creating quality application materials is truthfully more important than any paper you spend hours writing.

Students’ Career Paths

Can you share any statistics about employment rates after graduation?

reports attached:

2011_Employment Report_final

2010_Final Employment Report

Can you talk a little bit about the school’s approach to internships, practicums and/or volunteering?

We fully support all of these developmental necessities for building the experience needed to be marketable upon graduation.

Does the school have a stated approach or policy on helping students to find careers?

Career Services Mission:

The iSchool Career Services Office is a collaborative partnership with faculty and staff to empower students to achieve their dreams beyond academics.
Our goal is to prepare students for the professional world. To that end, we provide education on the vast array of career paths in information studies, individualized coaching sessions, as well as connections with resources, people, and opportunities.
In addition to direct student services, we work with employers to facilitate their success in recruiting iSchool talent. We actively market the skill sets of our students and alumni to employers and seek to attract new organizations, especially emerging and non-traditional industries that may be less familiar with the value of an iSchool education.
For specific information please view the menu to the left of this page. If you cannot find what you need, or have any questions, please contact us.

Does the school have any relationships with organizations that offer fellowships or other post-graduate opportunities?

Yes we have relationships with employers of all types

Are there any notable graduates?

Too many to mention.  You can see some alumni profiles on our site.


How many students in the library school?

check the site or attached reports

Is it ALA accredited?


What are the entrance requirements?

see the site

When was the library school founded?

see the site

Where are you?

√ Southern US

Where are you?

√ Urban area

Anything else you’d like to share that’s unique about the school?

It’s fairly unique that we have a dedicated Career Services Office that is solely for the School of Information students and alumni.  Our students also can access many campus-wide career events.

Brianna Marshall
This interview was conducted by Brianna Marshall is a second year dual-degree Master of Library Science and Master of Information Science student at Indiana University’s School of Library and Information Science. She is Managing Editor for Hack Library School and a 2012-2013 HASTAC scholar. Learn more about Brianna through her blog and portfolio or by following her on Twitter @notsosternlib

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