Stats and Graphs: Where We Look (Coding in Process)

It’s Staturday!

So I’ve started taking a look at the answers to the question:

Where do you look for open positions? (e.g. ALA Joblist, professional listserv, LinkedIn)

In total, 377 respondents named 1729 venues.  That’s not 1729 distinct venues, that’s just taking each place a person named and counting it.  And a lot of people named very general things like:

professional listservs


the standard boards

Right now I’m in the process of coding.  By that I mean, I’m deciding when answers are distinct from each other, and when they can be grouped together.

We left this “Where do you look?” question open ended, which means that there are a lot of variant terms. It would have been simpler to have made this a multiple choice question, and to have restricted the answers to a particular controlled vocabulary.  However, this restriction would have also reduced the range and detail of answers.

I’ve consolidated some answers together already (for example I Need a Library Job and INALJ).  But many are still distinct, either because they may not be the same thing and I am still deciding whether or not to combine, or because I thought the answer was funny.

I’d like to share with you this week a little bit of commonalities and variation included in the:


ALA 197

ALA 26
ALA listserv/listservs 3

Chronicle 24

Chronicle 2
Chronicle for Higher Education 3
Chronicle of Higher Ed 7
Chronicle of Higher Ed job lists 1
Chronicle of Higher Education 10 1

Higher Ed 31

Higher Ed 1
Higher Ed Jobs 29
Highereducattionjobs 1

Inside Higher Education/Inside Higher Ed 2

Etc. 21

etc 20
etc., etc. 1

I Need a Library Job? 138

INALJ (Newsletter) 1
INALJ Blog 1
INALJ digest 3


NJLA job postings 1
NJLA Listservs 1
NJLA website 1

Indeed 83

Indeed 35
Indeed (app) 1
Indeed (RSS for library positions in my area and areas nearby) 1 1 1 42 (email alerts) 1 internet job search engine 1


Libgib 1
LibGig 29
LibGIG (on twitter) 1
LibGig (RSS) 1


Libjobs 3
libjobs (RSS feed) 1
LIBJOBS email list 1
LibJobs listserv 1


LIS Jobs 24 (RSS/Combined Library Job Listing) 3

LinkedIn 81

Linked in 78
LinkedIn (INALJ) 1
LinkedIn groups 1
LinkedIn’s RSS 1


Metro (ny) joblist. 1
METRO job bank 1
Metro Job Postings 1
METRO Jobs 1
METRO library council job board 1
METRO NY Roundtable 1 2 for job opportunities in Minnesota (where I live) 1
Metromode 1
Metronet Jobline (specifically for MN library jobs) 1


MLA Jobline & Careers 1
MLA joblist 1
MLA jobs 1
MLA website 1

Newspapers 11

Newspapers – Print Classifieds 1
Newspapers – 1
newspapers/local papers 9

Listservs 121

Professional listservs 116
Professional listservs – Cataloging-related listservs 1
professional listservs – lotsa listservs 1
Professional listservs – Various listservs 1
professional listservs (and over two dozen) 1
Professional listservs (emails) 1


RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System) 9
RAILS Job Board 4
RAILS website 1

SAA 13

SAA Career Center 2
SAA job board 1
SAA Job Center 1
SAA job list 1
SAA listserv 3

SLA 36

SLA career center 1
SLA Job Board, 1
SLA job list 8
SLA Jobline. 1
SLA listserv 2
SLA local chapters listservs 1
SLA locals joblists 1
SLA Michigan Chapter Job Listing 1
SLA NY-NJ job blog 1
SLA/Special Libraries Association 16
sla-dbf 1
SLA-ny 2

This is just a small portion of all the answers! What do you think?  Here are some of my questions:

  • Are Job Lists, Job Boards, and Job Lines all the same thing?
  • Should I try to make distinctions for format – RSS v. email v. visiting the website?
  • Are INAJ, INLG and INLJ really typos for INALJ?  Are any of the NJLAs typos for INALJ or vicey versy?
  • Should I lump all the ALAs in together?
  • How do I decide which METRO comes from which state?
  • Are all those Higher Education sites distinct, and are all the answers assigned to the right places?

Thoughts and observations are very welcome – please comment away!

If you’d like to take a look at the raw data – all the answers to this question – it’s attached here:

Data for 377 places

If you decide to do anything with it (and you are welcome to), I ask for three things: make your work freely and publicly available, email me at hiringlibrariansATgmail to let me know what you’ve done, and then link back to this site.

If you’re job hunting, and haven’t taken the survey yet, please do!  If you’ve got friends, please share the link:

This survey was co-written by Naomi House, of I Need A Library Job.  If you’re job hunting, INALJ is a wealth of information and it has job ads up the wazoo.  

You can either comment below, or email hiringlibrariansATgmail.

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