Hiring Librarians: Now We Are One

Someone is having a blog-birthday…it’s Hiring Librarians!

Here are the first posts, from one year ago today:

Relate Past Accomplishments to What You Would Do in the New Position

Be Open and Honest, Listen and Ask Questions

Why Are We Here

Helen Marie GunzWhen I started the blog, I thought we would get one or two responses per week to the survey, which I would leisurely post.  Instead, it got something like 80 in one day!

I remember the first day we got 400 views – Naomi House from INALJ had posted and tweeted about it, and sent a lot of you readers over.  How exciting!

I hadn’t planned on doing more surveys, or getting authors and researchers to do guest posts, or really understood how many readers might find their way here and share their stories.

Thank you!

This is what I wrote one year ago:

The goal of this blog is to facilitate communication between job-hunters and hiring managers in the library and information professions.  Although these two groups seemingly have a common purpose, honest interactions are often restricted by pressure, fear, and the mysterious codes of the hiring process.

What do you think, dear readers, is it meeting that goal?  Should we articulate something new for the upcoming year?

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