Introducing Sara

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute to introduce our new Master Indexer/Transcriber, Sara Beckman.  Sara’s going to streamline our categories and create an index, in order to make the site better organized and therefore more accessible for you, our dear readers.  She’s also already transcribed nearly 20 surveys in her few weeks on board! We’ve got over 400, maybe close to 500 surveys that need to be transcribed, so she’s pretty vital in that capacity as well.  I’ve enjoyed working with her so far, and I hope you will make her feel welcome.  Her bio is below, if you want to get to know her a little better.

Your Pal,


Sara Beckman

Sara Beckman is earning her MLIS from the University of Washington with plans to graduate in June 2014. Sara’s interests lie in combining her love of history with the digital world. She hopes to find a job after graduation working in an archive or special collection helping to both digitize historical documents to help to provide wider access and preserving born-digital documents. She is currently working as a digital asset management intern at Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA, but has also has worked as a cataloging, research, and archival intern as well as a bookseller at her undergraduate’s university bookstore.

In her free time she is also a librarian that loves to read. Most recently she has discovered comics and hasn’t looked back. You can check out Sara’s professional side on her LinkedIn profile. If you want to get to learn more about her journey through library school you’ll want to visit her blog, Local History Girl.

Photo: Sara Beckman by Flickr user Beckmanse via Creative Commons License

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