Update: Interview Questions Repository

The Interview Questions Repository is one month and one week old!  124 people have clicked through to share questions they were asked in a recent library interview.

If *you’ve* had a library interview recently, help this resource grow by reporting the questions you were asked:


or by sharing this link widely with your friends and colleagues.

If you are about to go on an interview, use the spreadsheet:


to help you prepare.

Top tip: Switch the spreadsheet to list view, in order to be able to limit by answers – you can choose to only look at the phone interviews at public libraries, for example.

Bottom tip: For respondents, you should be able to edit your answers, if you think of something to add, etc.

You will also always be able to find these links in the sidebar to your right ———>

If you’d like to respond to any other surveys, or otherwise participate in this blog,

this page

will give you links and options.

Thanks for reading, readers!  Thanks for contributing, contributors!

E. H. Elam, interviewer for the TVA, making personal interviews at Stiner's Store, Lead Mine Bend, Tennessee, with applicants for work on Norris Dam, November 1933



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2 responses to “Update: Interview Questions Repository

  1. Anonymous

    I mistakenly posted my addition twice, dated 4/18, sorry about that.


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