Reader Response Requested: Who Are You, Anyway?

It’s time for another Reader Round-Up!

I’d like to know who you are and why you’re here.  If you haven’t already filled out the polls below, won’t you do so?

Any brave souls are welcome to introduce themselves in the comments!



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6 responses to “Reader Response Requested: Who Are You, Anyway?

  1. I found this site through Ask a Manager. Having spent the better part of six years job searching (four of those by design), job hunting and the accompanying skills have become something of a hobby for me. Plus, I work in a library where people come in all the time looking for job help. It helps me help them when I know what resources are available, current, and trustworthy. Additionally, who knows when the unexpected will occur and I need to look for another job? It seems to my benefit to stay current with what hiring librarians are looking for. Moreover, Emily was kind enough to ask me to work with her on a survey and helped me come up with a title for my Tumblr, so I’m kinda attached to this place. That’s why I’m here. Let’s hear from some others!


  2. Dan Robinson

    I found Hiring Librarians, INALJ and Ask A Manager together at the beginning of my job search.
    I spent many years working behind the scenes on library databases, first in the print era, and, for most of my career, in the electronic age. I’m now looking to switch sides and work as a reference librarian, using those databases.


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  5. Sharon

    I found hiringlibrarians va a google search, as I prepare to re enter the job market for a paraprofessional position. Thank you for this site!


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