Are You Blogging Your Job Hunt?

Dear Readers Who are Also Bloggers,

I’d like to make a list of the blogs of job hunting LIS folks.  If you’d like to be on that list, please post your URL in the comments. If job hunting is not your primary content, please include the tag or category that encompasses your job hunting posts.



Christchurch library



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4 responses to “Are You Blogging Your Job Hunt?

  1. I have a blog, but I have not made any job hunt posts, yet. I will though, once I start my hunt in earnest in the next few months (I graduate in Dec). So far, my posts have been about my experience in my classes, some library news and issues ones, and about what this weeks topic is in my elective classes where I go over the resources or articles from that area of LIS. I can be found at and call myself the Jedi Librarian.


  2. I have a blog but I’m not truly blogging my job hunt yet as I didn’t do my last one. Having to be job hunting again is tough so I’m still working on how to talk about it. My next major thing to blog about is the ALA Annual conference and a few posts about what I learned at my job this year. It was tough and good, but complicated.


  3. I have a few job hunting-related posts on my blog, Amy’s Scrap Bag. While most posts address library, archive or history topics, the job hunting posts can be found at All posts have topical roots in my coursework, internships, professional development events, graduate assistantship, and other experiences.


  4. cchelberg

    I’m not posting much yet about my job search, but once I do it’ll be under the tag “#job hunt” at

    The majority of my content includes general library posts, (internet) privacy news and information, and copyright stuff.


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