Job Hunter’s Web Guide: LAI CDG

Irish sites two weeks in a row?  Tá Éire uamhnach!  This post provides a look at what an Irish professional group does to support its members’ careers, and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you. Keeping reading to learn more about The Library Association of Ireland’s Career Development Group.


What is it?  Please give us your elevator speech!

The Career Development Section of the Library Association of Ireland represents both existing library and information professionals and new graduates looking for job opportunities. The function of the CDG is to develop a proactive approach to employment in libraries through the discussion of issues such as career development, CV and interview tips, alternative funding models for job creation, non-traditional work opportunities. This will be done through formal events, informal events such as Library Camp Ireland 2013, talks and joint training with other LAI committees/groups.

 When was it started?  Why was it started?

The LAICDG was initially developed by our previous chair, Giada Gelli. After many, many months of meetings with interested parties we began, in 2012, to develop a definite vision of the aims of our group. The primary reason for the development of the CDG was due to there not being a similar group in existence in Ireland. Given the current economic climate, we believe that it is necessary and essential to have a group like ours to help those who currently find themselves without employment in the information professional field.

Who runs it?

The LAICDG is run by a committee. The members are as follows:

Catherine Ryan (chair)

Ciara Boylan (treasurer)

Daniel Murray (secretary)

Sarah Connolly

Celia West

Bryan Whelan

 Are you a “career expert”? What are your qualifications?

The members of the LAICDG have many diverse experiences. Some of us have worked as JobBridge interns, others have been unemployed and some are working in paid positions as information professionals. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we have a Master’s in Library and Information Studies.

 Who is your target audience?

We represent new and existing library and information professionals in Ireland and we aim to help those who are currently seeking employment opportunities as well as those currently studying for a library degree or MLIS.

 What’s the best way to use your site?  Should users consult it daily?  Or as needed? Should they already know what they need help with, or can they just noodle around?

Our main mode of communication is Twitter where we will announce any training or events. We also tweet items of interest relating to job search, the different aspects of librarianship and career development in general. For library job listings in Ireland we recommend

The best way to use our site is to consult it as needed. Our blog contains details of our own events as well as others that our members have attended. We also have a page on the blog with links to career and job search resources. We encourage anyone with an interest in career development in libraries to make a submission to the CDG blog.

Does your site provide:

√ Links √ Research  √ The opportunity for interaction

√  Other: Our main interaction is through events and we run unconferences, talks, workshops on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. These events all include a networking aspect. Libary job listings in Ireland are available at

Should readers also look for you on social media? Or is your content available in other formats? 

√ Twitter: @LAICDGroup

√ Facebook:

√  Other: CDG Blog; Library Camp Ireland 2013 site

Do you charge for anything on your site?


Can you share any stories about job hunters that found positions after using your site?

Not yet! Our main impact comes through events so hopefully we’ll have some stories for you soon!

Anything else you’d like to share with my readers about your site in particular, or about library hiring/job hunting in general?

We have just recently organised a very successful and well-received unconference in the Chocolate Factory recently and we are hoping to organise more career development events in the forthcoming months.


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