Oh Look, A New Survey!

Hello Sweet Friends and Readers,

Do you hire librarians or other LIS workers?

We are looking for hiring managers, members of hiring/search committees, HR professionals, etc. who are willing to take 5-10 minutes to fill out a survey about what potential hires should learn in library school.

This is a new survey for Hiring Librarians.  The purpose is to gather and disseminate information about hiring, rather than to perform research. Responses will be presented on the blog, anonymously or with a short bio, depending on the preference of the responder. We are very committed to maintaining confidentiality if desired. The survey was co-written by Brianna Marshall of Hack Library School.

The direct link to the survey is:

(You can take a look at the questions and browse through the entire survey without having to answer anything.  Just don’t hit submit). 

Feel free to share with any colleagues who might be interested. I’m also happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, please email or contact me. 

Thank you,
Emily Weak, MLIS 

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