For Public Review: Rachael Altman

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This Resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

I have used this resume to apply for knowledge management, research manager, market research analyst, and data analyst positions at consulting firms, law firms, and corporate libraries. 




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12 responses to “For Public Review: Rachael Altman

  1. Overall, good resume my only comment is under skills & professional development the formatting changed and that through me a little. I would move the bullet points back into one column and have the dates off to the right to keep in flow with the rest of your resume.


  2. Laurie Phillips

    This resume looks good – well organized and readable. I’m not sure I would combine skills and professional development. Especially with the formatting different for the two. As a hiring manager, I would want to know why you were only in the first job for one year. If it was a temporary or extraordinary position, then I’d say so. Also, is it “SAC Accreditation” or “SACS Accreditation”? SACS is the accrediting body in the south.


    • anon msls

      Overall, I agree with everyone else that this resume is really solid.

      I also agree with the previous commenters that the skills & professional development section could be separated and formatted more like the rest of the resume. Right now it reads like a bit of a hodgepodge to me and I think there are some really strong elements in there which could easily get overlooked since they’re at the bottom in a very busy section. I wonder if this was done in an effort to keep everything to one page?


  3. Angelynn King

    Very nicely done — I wouldn’t change a thing!


  4. Wilfredo Rivera

    I’ve read the education section goes at the very top only if you’re still a full-time student.

    The content is great and well executed; the format can be easier on the eyes (I’m more of a visual person, so that could be a bias on my part).

    Great resume though! Thorough.


    • Liz

      I’ve actually been told by several career professionals that education should go at the top until you have enough experience to justify moving it (around 5 years post graduation, more if you don’t start working directly out of school).

      Over all, I find this to be very well done. It’s a great example of how a well formatted resume can be visually appealing and still professional.

      My only cravat to that is it is a bit crowded. I can understand the desire to get everything on one page but I think it does impact readability somewhat. The length is just a little too much for 1 page while not quite enough for 2 (yes, it’s ok to have 2 pages).

      You could leave it as is and I think be fine but I would really suggest pushing it to a second page by increasing the font size (especially for your header), allowing a little more space between lines, and by separating ‘skills and professional development’ into separate sections. I would also create a separate ‘software’ section or do a skills and software since they are related, especially if you keep the 2 column format for that portion. Going to a second page I think will allow you to better separate all your skills and software and make it easier to read since you won’t be as pressed for space (i.e. social media goes on one line, Microsoft office another, databases another, etc). Unless you can develop applications in those operating systems nix it (and if you can, that’s what you should say) you can always add in your cover letter that you are PC and Mac compatible if needed.


  5. I didn’t notice any flaws with this resume. It’s very strong and straight to the point. Like Wilfredo, I’m more of a visual person and think it wouldn’t hurt to play around with the formatting, but other than that, great job.


  6. I think you could probably get away with moving your experience section above your education now. Is the standard still to separate relevant volunteer experience from employment experience? If not I’d suggest making that all one section instead of two.


  7. I don’t think that including operating systems is necessary unless it’s a specialized system, such as Amiga or Solaris. Other than that, it looks fine.


  8. Nicolas

    Looks great to me! I especially like the inclusion of programming languages.


  9. I agree that this resume is nicely done. The only change I would make is to separate your Professional Development and Skills sections and maintain the bulleted format throughout.
    Best of luck to you!


  10. Margot

    I thought this was a fabulous resume, so I’m going to be picky. I don’t think months are needed when writing dates, and I’d add the dates to the end of the line, not align it to the right. I’d also replace “&” with “and.” I would also take advantage of the horizontal space to condense the space used for education, and add more bullet points to your work experience.


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