For Public Review: Unnamed Job Hunter 6

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This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

 Attached is my resume draft to be used to apply for public library clerk/assistant positions (specifically youth services in this case).

This is same resume which I used to get my current library page job, just updated to include the current position. I know I need to remove some of the earliest work history, but not sure how much.

As you can see, I had a previous career in an unrelated field, then was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years, during which time I had a side business and various volunteer positions.

Unnamed Job Hunter 6 p1 Unnamed Job Hunter 6 p2

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3 responses to “For Public Review: Unnamed Job Hunter 6

  1. My opinion is to cut out everything Cake Creations back. There may be some relevant items in there, and if you feel strongly about them then make sure you really sell why that TA position lends itself well to your desired position. Of course, sell that in the cover letter or your interview, but be sure to include at least something from the clerk position profile into why that TA position is relevant.

    I don’t know how much experience you have with doing programs in a library, or if this position even includes that, but something along those lines may be helpful.

    I like the layout, but would remove the Objective and References unless you’re going to provide them with your resume.


    • Jen

      Thanks for your comments. I have re-worked my resume a bit since I submitted it. I don’t have any formal programming experience, but some of the positions I apply for might involve programming or at least have the chance to eventually work up to doing some. I do have student teaching experience, though. So I changed the work history into two sections, first being “Related Experience” with my current library job, school volunteering, and student teaching (anything involving libraries or kids). Then “Other Work History” just as far back as fits nicely on 2 pages. I also removed the objective to make room so my most significant student teaching experience would be on the first page, and removed the references. The first page is the most important, but then the stuff is there on the 2nd if they are wondering what I was doing all those years in between…


  2. Nicolas

    I would take out the skills section and rework the skills into each job description. For example, you could put “used such and such software and a daily basis” underneath the Page section.

    Yu could also find ways to show what you tell in your skills section. Where your current resume says that you are familiar with young adult literature, maybe you could start a blog about young adult literature and feature reviews or something.


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