For Public Review: Job Hunter 8

Welcome to crowd-sourced resume review for LIS job hunters!

Please help the job hunter below by using the comment button to offer constructive criticism on her resume. Some guidelines for constructive feedback are here, and the ALA NMRT has brief tips for reviewing resumes here.

This 1 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

I use this resume in hopes of landing a technology librarian position.

job hunter8 resume

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5 responses to “For Public Review: Job Hunter 8

  1. Jen

    I like the format, except for the narrative descriptions in your work experience. I would recommend changing that to a bulleted format. Just curious, what do you have on your website? Can you tell if potential employers actually look at it? That’s one thing I’ve considered, but not sure if it’s worth the time.


  2. Providing your experience in a paragraph form is confusing and difficult to read. I would suggest using bullet points.

    It is a little confusing which courses you taught in which position. If you really want to list both, I would suggest separating out the courses you taught at each location.


  3. librarianlaura

    Hi. This is a good start, but I agree with some of the previous comments. I would consider the bullet points instead of the paragraph. I also was a little confused by the way you broke out the teaching experience. I think maybe if you were to do as alexandra suggested ad separate out the courses at each location that would make it smoother. One final suggestion: Since you mention that you want to apply for technology librarian positions, you might consider swapping the education and skills sections of your resume. If you put the skills section front and center it highlights your technology experience, so the reader of the resume sees it right away. Good Luck!


  4. I agree with the comments above about the bullet points and also with librarianlaura’s suggestion to put your skills section first. I’d also suggest moving the professional memberships info to its own section; it seems out of place with your education.

    Unless you’re applying for a teaching position (eg, as an academic librarian) I don’t know that I’d separate your instructional experience from your other experience; it’s a little confusing as is. I’d probably do what some of the other commenters have suggested and include the courses you taught under the description of the position you held at the time.


  5. I agree with what others have said here. It’s a good start, but for the professional experience, I would use bullet points. I would only list your website if it looks professional or could be an extension of the paper resume.


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