For Public Review: Unnamed Job Hunter 11

Welcome to crowd-sourced resume review for LIS job hunters!

Please help the job hunter below by using the comment button to offer constructive criticism on her resume. Some guidelines for constructive feedback are here, and the ALA NMRT has brief tips for reviewing resumes here.

This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

Attached is a copy of my resume.  I have had various on-call
substitute and temporary library positions for 7 years.  I am seeking
a permanent librarian position, preferably full-time.  I am seeking
employment in a public library either as an adult services or as a
youth services librarian.  I know the competition out there is intense
so any tips you could give to give me a more competitive edge would
greatly be appreciated.

Unnamed Job Hunter 11_pg 1Unnamed Job Hunter 11_pg 2

To submit your resume or CV For Public Review,

  • send it as a Word document, PDF, PNG or JPEG to hiringlibrariansresumereviewATgmail.
  • It will be posted as-is, so please remove any information that you are not comfortable having publically available (I suggest removing your address and phone number at a minimum).
  • Please include a short statement identifying if it’s a resume or CV and
  • describing the types of positions you’re using it for (ie institution type, position level, general focus).
  • Finally, you will also need to confirm that you agree to comment on at least five other posted resumes.


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3 responses to “For Public Review: Unnamed Job Hunter 11

  1. Education should be placed at the beginning.

    Under “Summary of Qualification” you should remove the fact that your MLIS is ALA accredited, as I am sure many will assume that your MLIS is accredited.

    You could include any involvement/memberships you have had with an association.


  2. I would remove the Summary of Qualifications as it’s pretty general, and shift Education there. Adjunct faculty jobs should be listed with more information synchronously – it took a few minutes for me to even notice it, and that’s what makes your resume stand out.

    Good luck!


  3. Sylvia Nurse

    Create a professional header for your name, address, email address etc.

    I recommend replacing the Summary of Qualifications with a customized targeted Career Profile for each job application. Then add a Technical Proficiency section that succinctly summarizes your technical skills.

    Try using a larger font for Career Profile, Work Experience etc. and job titles.

    If possible quantify your job accomplishments. Read this:

    You may wish to consider adding some colour to your resume. Have a look at the resume posted on April 26, 2014 at

    Read “Branding Your Resume – How to Create a Lasting Impression”:

    Education should remain at the end of your resume.

    Use your full first and last name when you save your resume.


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