For Public Review: Matthew Johnson

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Please help the job hunter below by using the comment button to offer constructive criticism on her resume. Some guidelines for constructive feedback are here, and the ALA NMRT has brief tips for reviewing resumes here.

This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

I am looking for a librarian position with a special library or certain public libraries. I am also interested in certain corporate jobs who hire research assistants

Resume Matthew Johnson_p1Resume Matthew Johnson_p2


Mr. Johnson also submitted a sample cover letter for your comments:


Cover Letter Matthew Johnson

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One response to “For Public Review: Matthew Johnson

  1. mth

    I’d take the soft skills (customer service, supervisory skills, communication, etc) out of your “Qualifications” section and try to reflect those in the entries for the applicable positions. I personally prefer having a “Skills” section that’s more for technologies/competencies. I’m also a stickler for parallelism, so I’d want to make sure that the actions and achievements you list under each job are in the same verb form – past participle for previous positions (assisted, mended, etc) and present participle for current positions (e.g. formatting and sending…etc). That’s me though!


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