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This 1 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

I just relocated and am looking for a full-time public librarian position.  I have expanded my search to also include administrative positions.

resume unnamed job hunter 12

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5 responses to “For Public Review: Unnamed Job Hunter 12

  1. You don’t need the information about your schools being nationally accredited. Both institutions are fairly well-known and it is just taking up space on your resume. I would add the year that you received the degree to that section. You also might consider reworking it to have the degree listed as B.S. or MS only because it is more standardized and perhaps easier for a machine to recognize.

    The last position you listed doesn’t follow the bullet point format of the others. I would make it match if you can.


  2. Sylvia Nurse

    You’re using a lot of valuable real estate at the top of your resume for your name, address etc. Condense your contact information into a couple of lines.

    Add a specific skills or career profile section to the top of your resume and tailor it for each job application. This is a great way to emphasize any foreign language, technical and transferable skills you have.

    Some of the job duties under the positions you have listed need to be flushed out.

    Include any library association volunteer work at the end of your resume.

    Also check out Some Innovative CV’s:


  3. Marian

    I would move your education to the end in order to emphasize your experience.
    The “customer service orientation position” should have a lot more details about responsibilities or be left out altogether. You don’t need to include every job you ever had on a resume.
    I agree the last position listed needs to have responsibilities separated by bullet points like the others.
    I disagree about changing the format at the top of your resume. White space is a nice design element and looks professional. I think it will make you stand out.


  4. A Rae

    For the position you held 2011-2014, can you include more numbers–how large of a staff did you supervise? Annual attendance at the branch? For the item on the iPads, was the whole program your idea? If so, say more than developed the loan procedure.
    For the position you held 2010-2011, was the Pitt Partners placement an award/honor? It sounds like it. It may stand out as an honor more if you include the scholarship in your MLIS entry. Also, should this position come after the 2011 position?
    For the position you held in 2011, say more about policy creation. If you can explain the policies you crafted, it lets employers know more about your areas of interest and expertise.
    Are you a member of any professional organizations? Do you serve on any professional committees? If so, include them.


  5. Dani-El

    I have a few comments. First, I like the clean look you provide, it lets me see the important things quickly and easily. I would delete “Experienced information Professional…” as it doesn’t really tell me anything, moreover “Professional” is not a proper noun. As the conference name is blocked, I am left to wonder how the solar panel presentation ties into libraries–this seems more of distraction than a supporting statement. I am assuming the iPad check-out was part of making your library a more friendly efficient library–tell me more of what you did to accomplish this. Giving me this information will show me you are good at service, lifelong learning, and efficiency. I suggest the same for the 2011 position. Do more to show me your value rather than telling what you have done. As with one of the previous posters, I am wondering about your experience with policy writing.
    All the best with your quest!


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