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This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

Although I have worked temporary positions I haven’t stopped applying to positions for almost three years in order to find a position that fits with my skills and interests, but I can count on one hand the number of interviews I’ve had.  I originally went to library school with the intention of finding a career in visual resources or anything fine arts related, but when it became evident how difficult that would be I broadened my search to archive and collection management positions.  Since I still haven’t had much interest, in the last year I broadened the search to anything except public librarianship. I most recently applied to a handful of University positions with a steady stream of rejection letters following.  I tried to make this version of my resume very anonymous for the review.

Resume MBResume MB p2

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5 responses to “For Public Review: MB

  1. Anonymous

    Your experience is very impressive but I have a few suggestions:
    1. Could you mention Art in your qualifications? It seems to be your passion and yet we don’t see that until page 2 (volunteer experience).
    2. Do you need to bold Computers/software? Maybe it could be reworded to read: Proficient in (or something similar) to match your other bullet points. I believe PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite so no need to repeat it. I also would include social media in this section because of your experience creating and maintaining Facebook pages.
    3. I would put your degree above your school, your degree is more important than your university.
    4. Under the third listing in Professional Experience for Public Library – “selected new books and made maintenance decisions” the term maintenance is unclear to me. Could this be described as collection development?
    5. Under University Visual Resources Collection, provided customer Service – I don’t think service should be capitalized.

    I hope these suggestions help you. Good Luck!


  2. The resume feels bare-bones to me. Instead of merely listing your tasks, add a description and a result. For example, what type of programs did you put on for adults? Did they have an impact? What type of technology classes did you teach? Including this information will give employers more insight into what you’re capable of doing as a librarian.


  3. Whoops, posted in the wrong place. 😦


  4. Robin

    Based on your resume, I would not consider you for a collection management position in an academic library. What I saw on your resume translated as collection development to me instead of collection management. For example, at my library the collection management librarian has extensive budget responsibilities. Do you have that type of experience? If you do, then you should list it.

    You have some impressive digital project experience and many libraries need this desperately. However, the library may advertise it as a staff position not a librarian position. At my university, that’s a different bargaining unit with different employment procedures and a separate job listing page. This type of position would not be advertised all that widely at my library. I can’t speak for other academic libraries.

    I suggest removing the qualifications section completing. The first two bullet points made me start looking through your resume to confirm them. You have impressive software experience so I do think that should be included. Maybe just change the heading to software expertise or something like that. I agree with Anonymous to list your social media expertise here. I’d delete PowerPoint and Office. Knowledge of those is expected and doesn’t set you apart from other candidates. Now I’m going to contradict myself and say if your MS Access experience was more than just entering records, you should list it.

    Random bullet points ahead!
    • List the social media that you used under the first bullet point on the digital initiatives assistant librarian at the Federal Court Library.
    • I’m a little uncomfortable with the description of a graduate assistant position as professional experience but I’m not sure where else you should put it.
    • Under the Public Library I’d make the last bullet point into two separate items, the mural and the language program. You have experience with programming events, don’t hide it.
    • Under University Museum of Art, there’s a space missing between MS and Access
    • Are you a member of any professional organizations? If so, list them.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck with your job search.


  5. according to me you should put your degree above your school, your degree is more important than your university.


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