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This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

 I have used it for various positions


Unnamed Job Hunter 13

Unnamed Job Hunter 13 p2

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8 responses to “For Public Review: Unnamed job hunter 13

  1. I feel that the dates of employment should be moved to the right side of the page.

    Also, the Children/Teen Librarian has too many bullets underneath it. It can be shortened by having only one bullet saying you’ve dealt with programming, instead of listing it for each demographic. The point about being a library manager should be the first listed, as that is an important role.


  2. Perhaps eliminate the summary of qualifications section? It sounds kind of vague. What specificially makes your computer skills advanced for instance?


  3. The resume feels bare-bones to me. Instead of merely listing your tasks, add a description and a result. For example, what type of programs did you put on for adults? Did they have an impact? What type of technology classes did you teach? Including this information will give employers more insight into what you’re capable of doing as a librarian.

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  4. Marian

    Unless you are applying for a job in a religious institution or very conservative community, I definitely wouldn’t feature a B.A. in Biblical studies front and center. It could keep you from consideration for many libraries who might fear you would be proselytizing, especially when combined with the “Spiritual Life Director” activity.

    And while we’re on that point, why would you list extracuricular activities at all. Unless they gave you job skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for, leave them off. This isn’t a college application.

    My advice would be to move education to the last spot on the resume and just list the institution and degree, nothing more.

    Also, you resume is longer than it needs to be. You shouldn’t list every job you’ve ever held. If it’s more than 10 years ago, only include it if it shows relevant job skills, narrowly defined.

    What kind of job are you looking for? This resume seems unfocused.

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  5. librarianlaura

    Echoing what some of the others have said: Take the extracurricular bullets off of the education section and give them their own space. (If you still really want to include them). Also, I don’t see your Master’s Degree education on here, I would definitely include that since it looks like you are currently in a professional position in a library.

    Additionally, I think that you could tailor your job descriptions a little bit more. You have “Children’s desk” listed as a bullet point, but what exactly did you do at the children’s desk? Your resume is the first impression and you want to maximize the positive impact. Combining some of the bullet points and making sure that it is clear but not too concise would be a good thing.


  6. Taylor V.

    Your résumé contains a considerable amount of white space, which reduces the visual appeal. You may consider reformatting the sections (per some of the comments above) to tighten up the text a bit. Also, if it’s possible for you to briefly describe your responsibilities, anything exceptional that you’ve done as part of your jobs (e.g., supervised 10 volunteers), or significant outcomes (i.e., this action led to this result), those items would enhance your résumé significantly. Lastly, you may want to consider grouping your positions by profession/discipline to highlight your work in, say, libraries or church services. On first glance, I thought that your work as a library professional was recent; I didn’t notice the Technical Librarian position you’d held because it was at the very bottom of a long list jobs seemingly unrelated to your current career choice. Good luck!


  7. Anonymous

    For your summary of qualifications the use of the word “skills” seems repetitive, could you use the heading summary of skills to avoid this?

    I agree that you don’t have to list extracurricular activities and every position. Could you list them other than chronologically, such as Library Experience and Related Experience sections? The focus show your Technical Librarian position that falls to the bottom.

    I also echo being more specific about your bullet points. What did you do on the children’s desk?


  8. Dani-El

    I am assuming you are using this resume to return to the library world in a paraprofessional role.
    If you do have an MLS, that needs to be shown. Getting such a degree would be a big plus for your career too (hint hint)!
    So, based on the assumption you want a library position; emphasize that part of your resume. For example, in your present position, “Library Manager,” is listed last. Your resume would have more appeal if you told me more about your duties as a leader in more than just bullet points. What are some of the innovative and creative programs for kids and teens? Are they bi-lingual? Do they address certain needs in your community? Do you partner with schools, clubs etc.?
    Combine the W. Walworth Harrison Public Library positions under one heading as it emphasizes a longer employment history there.
    Rather than a strict reverse chronology, try two headings: Library and Youth work. That would bring your Technical Librarian skills forward and portray your skills and experience more holistically.
    Strongly deemphasize some other duties of non-library jobs. Give them 1-2 bullet points at best. Custodial duties and pee wee football coaching just don’t say library.
    The extra-curricular activities from you college should be deleted as they only apply to entry-level resumes. I would leave your major in as it is a legitimate field of study and not including it would only make me wonder what you did there.
    For your summary of qualifications; put some more flesh on these bones too. What advanced computer skills? What public speaking experience? etc…. Let me as the reader come to the conclusion –“whoa, this applicant has super organizational skill because s/he did ____. “ You will have greater impact if you let your reader realize your abilities rather just saying you did something. For example, instead of “Strong Interpersonal Skills,” say; Mentored and referred youth—that shows me you are approachable and responsible. Work to set yourself apart. I have yet to see an applicant who doesn’t have “Strong Interpersonal Skills.”


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