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This 2 page resume was submitted by a job hunter who says,

 This is a resume that I am using to apply for cataloging, user services, and reference positions, mainly at academic libraries but also a few public libraries.


unnamed job hunter 17_1unnamed job hunter 17_2

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6 responses to “For Public Review: Unnamed job hunter 17

  1. It seems like you have a lot of relevant experience and I would probably definitely give your resume a look if I were a hiring manager. One thing I noticed is that you included the month and year for your previous positions but you didn’t include it for your former ones. You should include the month and year so that employers can get a better idea of how long you worked for your former employers.


  2. Sylvia Nurse

    I think you should move the Technology Skills section to the top of your resume and tailor it for each job application.

    If possible quantify your resume. Read this:


  3. You have an impressive resume, with the experience listed hitting all the relevant job interest areas. However, you may want to use this as your “base” resume, which you can revise and edit to tailor it to specific jobs you are applying for. Also, you may also want to include relevant course work do show that you are interested in learning beyond your current level of experience. Finally, I agree with Monique, consider using more specific dates (month AND year). But again, a very impressive resume!


  4. Dani-El

    Very Solid–for a new MLS, you bring a lot that is solid and relevant to the table. The document is well laid out and flows well. I won’t repeat the date stuff mentioned above. I’d delete the mention of English under language skills as that is obvious. You might move the Tech Skills up to the top and mention some other skill and experiences such as the conference presentation, just to make yourself stand out more. I hope our paths cross or we get to work together!


  5. As the others have said, you have a lot of great experience for a new MLS. You need to expand and lead on that instead of with your Music educational background which is not relevant to most of the positions you’re applying for.

    Create an Accomplishments section where you can highlight the most impressive and interesting things you did in any of your positions and put that up top. You’ll want to keep a master list of those and delete the ones not relevant for the particular position you’re applying for. They should still be mentioned in less detail under the relevant previous job so they’ll still be there if anyone looks for them. Look at the skills asked for in the job description and make sure you address as many of them as possible in Accomplishments so people can stop reading there and still know that you’re qualified.


  6. Taylor V.

    Great content, great layout, great skills! You’re a triple threat.

    In addition to the comments posted previously, I think you should (re)consider where you place the Projects section. While it’s a nice feature, it’s difficult to determine if this is (a) duplicate content [see Library Work Experience, 2012-2014 “Designed LibGuides and Pinterest pages…”] or (b) if this is work conducted as part of a course. As such, you may want to be a bit more explicit regarding the projects or consider merging them into more appropriate sections.

    Best of luck!


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