Further Questions: How has library school changed in the past decade?

This week we asked people who hire librarians

From your perspective, how has library school changed in the past decade (or since you graduated, whichever you prefer to consider)? What areas of knowledge or experience do you see lacking in recent graduates applying for positions in your organization? Is there a difference between applicants from traditional and online programs? As a new crop of librarians-to-be start classes this fall, your advice can help them plan and prepare for the future.

Marleah AugustineI don’t typically hire for full librarian positions, but in my experience hiring part-time support staff, who are essentially clerks and pages and do circulation and basic reference duties, I have seen some differences in who applies for these openings. I’ve noticed that more applicants are emphasizing their skills in technology, as well as customer service skills. In the past, it seemed as though folks felt it was enough to state that they “enjoy reading books” in order to be hired at the library, but what I really need are people who aren’t afraid to talk to patrons no matter what, won’t back down from a challenge, and can motivate themselves to complete tasks.
– Marleah Augustine, Adult Department Librarian at Hays Public Library

J. McRee ElrodLack of practical cataloguing skills taught in the class room and practiced during field work.




 – J. McRee (Mac) Elrod, Special Libraries Catalouging
 Thank you as always to our contributors for their time and insight.  If you’re someone who hires librarians and are interested in participating in this feature, please email us at hiringlibrariansquestionsATgmail.com.

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