Job Hunter Follow Up Year Two: Neyda Gilman

Neyda Gilman


Neyda Gilman took the Job Hunter’s survey on January 4, 2013.

Her responses appeared as Being a New Grad I Feel Better Applying to Jobs That Indicate They are a Place to Grow and Learn.

We followed up with her on December 26, 2013.

Your Job

What’s your current work situation?

I have a full time permanent position that I really enjoy.

Is this job the same as you had when we followed up with you last year? If not, please describe briefly how you got this new job.

Nope. Last year I was in a temporary position. It was a two year position so a year into it I started looking for jobs. Even though I still had a year left, I know academia can take a long time so I applied to two positions I thought looked interesting. Funny thing is, they were both the same basic job just at two different institutions. I never heard back from one, and the other ended up offering me the job in just a couple months.

Is your job commensurate with your skills and experience?

Yes. It was posted as an entry level position. Even though experience wasn’t required, I think having some experience definitely helped.

Is the pay scale higher or lower than you were looking for?

It is about what I was expecting. Higher than I was getting, but in a part of the country with a lot higher cost of living.

How your job different from what you thought you might do, when you first embarked on your job hunt?

It is basically what I was looking for. I had thought I would end up in the health sciences. My current position is in the sciences, just not health related.

Have you had a chance to participate in hiring any LIS workers? Any lessons or observations from the experience?

I have been on a few search committees. None were for MLS librarians, but I still learned a lot. Everyone always tells you to not take things personally and that there are a lot of different reason why some people get called for interviews and others don’t. Even though I knew this, the point was really driven home after being the person making those decisions. Once you submit your materials, so much of the process is out of your hands. I also was reminded how incredibly important it is to make sure the materials you submit are accurate, well put together, and detailed.

Your Perspectives

Was job hunting a positive or negative experience, for the most part?

This answer would change depending on when it was asked. Right now, I can say it was positive since I have got great job in a relatively short amount of time. I think in my last Hiring Librarian interview I said it was a learning experience, and I still feel that way. However, I was also rejected multiple times from jobs I really wanted, and so much of my time had been spent dealing with job postings and applications. I really hope to not have to go through that again anytime soon.

Would you change your answer to “what’s the secret to getting hired”?

Nope. It is a lot of work. You have to put the effort into applying, be positive and excited about jobs, and sell yourself without being egotistical.

Do you have any advice for job hunters and/or library school students?

Probably just the same advice they have already heard. Get as much experience as you can. This can be in a library working or volunteering, or doing work for professional associations. Also, make sure every application you fill out is matched to the job and well put together.

Do you have any advice for hiring managers?

Keep the lines of communication open and be realistic about requirements.

What’s your ideal work situation?

I really enjoy the academic library. The big things for me are good working relationships with co-workers, a variety of day-to-day tasks, and the occasional realization that I was able to help someone.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Just to reiterate how the hiring process is complicated. The job I currently have is at an institution where I had previously applied, and been rejected. Also, the other job I applied to that I never heard back from was at an institution where I had made it to the interview process for other postings. There are so many variables and the only thing job hunters can do is to make sure that they do their best work for the pieces they can control – resume, cover letters, preparing for interviews, etc.


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