Job Hunter Follow Up Year Two: Nicole Usiondek

Nicole Usiondek took the Job Hunter’s survey on December 29, 2012. Her responses appeared as Be Very Clear on What the Minimum Requirements are for the Position. Then we followed up with her on December 23, 2013 .

Your Job

What’s your current work situation?

Employed Full Time

Is this job the same as you had when we followed up with you last year? If not, please describe briefly how you got this new job.


Is your job commensurate with your skills and experience?


Is the pay scale higher or lower than you were looking for?

It’s a bit lower, however I am gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.

How your job different from what you thought you might do, when you first embarked on your job hunt?

I wasn’t expecting to be involved with collection development and budget planning. I am really pleased that I have the opportunities.

Have you had a chance to participate in hiring any LIS workers? Any lessons or observations from the experience?

Not yet

Have you had a chance to negotiate a raise and/or title change? What was that like?

Yes, I did for a raise and a title change. It was a pleasant experience. I was successful on both accounts.

What’s the next step for your career?

At the moment I am content to stay where I am. I am learning so much and still being challenged. I would eventually hope to take on more responsibilities and eventually become a director.

Your Perspectives

Was job hunting a positive or negative experience, for the most part?

For the most part positive. There were times it could get discouraging, but the lessons learned from each application and interview was helpful and helped me understand the field.

Would you change your answer to “what’s the secret to getting hired”?

No, I think you should be yourself and be positive.

Do you have any advice for job hunters and/or library school students?

Volunteer and network its the best way to gain experience if you are not currently working in the field.

Do you have any advice for hiring managers?

Be clear and realistic in expectations for entry level positions. Lack of experience isn’t always a bad things.

What’s your ideal work situation?

Academic Library

Anything else you want to tell us?

I really enjoy this field. I have not once regretted my choice in pursuing this career. I hope my passion and excitement can be contagious to others.

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