Job Hunter Follow Up: Maria Lin

maria linMaria Lin completed the original survey on February 13, 2013. Her responses as Hire for work ethic first, past achievement second. We followed up with her on January 6, 2014

Where are you now? What’s your work situation like, and what path did you take this last year?

I’m in the same position I was last year. My responsibilities have increased some and I’ve done some book dealing independently outside of work as well. In 2014 I received a scholarship to attend the Rare Book School, which was an amazing experience, and in spring of this year I attended the international antiquarian book fair in Tokyo, which was also extremely educational. I also spent the year serving as a volunteer coordinator for an all volunteer library, which kept my toes in the library world a little.

Looking at last year’s answers, have any of your attitudes changed?

Not really. I’m still quite passionate about the value of archives and special collections, but I feel I’m contributing more as a dealer than I might as an archivist or librarian. I think the only sort of job that might lure me back to libraries would be a good cataloging position.

What’s your best advice for job hunters?

The world of libraries sits inside a larger world of books and information. For some of us, there are careers that run parallel to libraries that are a perfect fit, and don’t require us to push into a very crowded job market. I’m not a librarian, but I still interact with libraries almost every day, and I get to help librarians from around the country develop their collections. If you’re having a hard time finding a traditional library position, there may be something that gives you what you want just outside your field of vision.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Don’t think so.

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