Do you hire library workers?

Image of a checklist

Are you now or have you ever been someone who hires library workers, archives workers, or other information professionals? Please fill out the new survey!

This is the first step in creating new blog content!!!

Responses will be used to create blog posts here at and in related work that is primarily of interest to job hunters.

Questions relate to the respondent’s organization, the hiring process, and experience and opinions about hiring and hireability.

There are 23 questions, including multiple choice and demographic questions. It should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

No questions are required. All questions are on one page so respondents may navigate around and look at all the questions before answering any, skip backwards and forwards, edit before submitting, etc.

If respondents are interested in being featured as part of a blog post, they may provide contact information. I will work with them to make sure they approve of everything that is posted. Otherwise, all answers are anonymously recorded.

Questions, comments, and concerns welcome.

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