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Tenley Sablatzky has been the Medical Librarian for the Undergraduate Medical Academy at Prairie View A&M University since 2020. Prior to that appointment, she interned in the Kalamazoo Public Law Library as well as the Air Zoo: Aerospace and Science Museum Library, while completing her MLIS degree at Wayne State University. She holds a BA in English from Western Michigan University, has completed the Consumer Health Specialization from the Medical Library Association (MLA), and serves on several professional committees for the MLA and the American Library Association. 

What is your site’s URL?

Briefly, what is the current purpose of your site?

Introduce myself to employers/researchers who search for my name

Was the original purpose of your site different from this current purpose? If yes, how and why did it change?


Are you actively looking for work? (check all that apply)

√ Nope! Not at All!  

About Your Site and Sites in General

Did you pay someone to design or build your site?

√ I paid for a template (or templates) 

Which of the following content do you have on your site (check all that apply)?

√ Resume or CV 

√ Blog about personal topics 

√ Work Samples

√ List of publications

√ List of presentations 

√ Twitter or other social media feed 

√ Your photo 

Which of the following personal links or connection methods do you provide on your site? (Check all that apply)

√ Email

√ Contact Form 

√ ORCiD 

√ Twitter 

√ LinkedIn 

Is your site strictly library/archives/LIS related?

√ No, I include my arts/crafts/hobbies/other tangential or unrelated work 

When was your site last updated?

√ Within the last year 

What causes you to update your site, and about how frequently does that occur?

Major changes to my resume or additional things to add. About once a year I’ll look at the design and decide if I want to change anything.

Does your site use any of the following platforms/services?

√ Wix 

How much do you pay annually to run your website? (for numbers not in American dollars, please use other)

√ $10.01-$20.00 

Do you allow comments on your site?

√ No 

Do you have advertising on your site?

√ No 

Do you have analytics on your site?

√ Yes 

About how many people visit your site in a month?

√ 0-50 

Is having a personal website a “must”?

√ Yes, for job hunters 

√ Yes, for people looking for speaking gigs

√ Yes, for people who are independent contractors/freelancers 

Do you have any privacy concerns associated with sharing your personal information, resume, etc., on a public website? If so, what measures do you take to feel safer?

I don’t have concerns about the things that I share on my site. The things that I don’t want to be public for privacy reasons don’t get published. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to create their own personal professional site?

I’d use one of the many site creation services like wix/squarespace/wordpress/etc unless you have a lot of experience with site design yourself. It’s really easy that way to set it up and design the site and usually for an affordable price. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your website? Or personal websites in general?

I think they’re necessary for people actively searching for jobs or opportunities because anyone who receives their application will immediately google the name. If a site comes up it’s the individual’s chance to introduce themselves a little further. Without a site, the employer will learn about you elsewhere on the internet from who knows what kind of source.


What is your job title?

Medical Librarian

What types of organizations do you work for or with? (Check all that apply)

√ Academic Library 

If you work for someone besides yourself, does that organization have rules about what you can share on your personal site?

√ No 

What part of the world are you in?

√ Southwestern US  

Thanks for reading! If you have a personal professional website that you’d like to talk about, please fill out the survey.

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