Job Hunter’s Web Guide: We Here

This is part of our series, Job Hunter’s Web Guide, which profiles online resources for LIS job hunters.

I’m happy to be able to profile the job resources provided by We Here, and not just because I think this will be useful to job hunters. I often hear about employers who have begun EDI work and are trying to reduce the whiteness of their organization. If you are such an organization, here is a place you can post your job that directly supports BIPOC library workers.

What is it?  Please give us your elevator speech!

The We Here Job Member Area is a space exclusively for We Here Members to view jobs sent to us by employers. We require salary and send out new jobs in a newsletter called The Get Money List bi-weekly to members where we also include resources and articles on building wealth. 

When was it started?  Why was it started?

The Get Money List (2020) was launched before the Job Member Area (2022). A lot of discussion in We Here’s private spaces revolves around jobs – job openings, interviewing, resumes, issues with employers, etc. – so we felt the Job Member Area and The Get Money List would be a good resource for We Here members. 

Who runs it?

One We Here Admin posts jobs to the Job Member Area (fulfilling orders) and another Admin compiles the jobs and sends them out to The Get Money List newsletter  bi-weekly. 

Are you “career experts”? What are your qualifications?

We’re definitely not career experts, but the Admins have a wide variety of experience in library and information science. 

Who is your target audience?

We Here private community members. Our private community members identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color who work in libraries or archives in some capacity or are currently enrolled in an educational program for library and information science. We have over 3,500 members across all three of our private platforms who all have access to our Job Member Area. Close to 400 members have signed up to receive The Get Money List. Members are referred by other members, but folks can also email us at  

What’s the best way to use your site?  Should users consult it daily?  Or as needed? Should they already know what they need help with, or can they just noodle around?

For the We Here member casually looking at jobs, The Get Money List is a great way to keep up with jobs sent to us. That way they receive new jobs sent to us straight to their inbox on a bi-weekly basis. We Here members that want to see what’s out there and what’s been sent to us in the past 60 days can go directly to our Job Member Area. 

Does your site provide:

√ Job Listings

√ Articles/literature

√ Links

Do you charge for anything on your site?

We charge employers for jobs they want to appear on the Job Member Area and The Get Money List. 

What are your standards for job listings (e.g., must include salary)?

We absolutely require a minimum starting salary or hourly rate, but also organization name, location, position type, and a link to the full job ad. Optional fields include further explanation of pay (e.g. salary range), apply by date, who to contact with questions, and any additional information that might not be included on the job ad. 

Can you share any stories about job hunters that found positions after using your site?

We’ll actually ask our members about this in our annual survey going out in January! We’re coming up on our one year anniversary of the Job Member Area, so it’s a great time to see how we’re doing and if folks have found jobs through it. 

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