Are You Looking for Work? A Survey Just for You


I hope you are well!

Are you currently looking for work in libraries or another LIS field? Do you have opinions and/or feelings about it? Do you have advice or solidarity to offer other job hunters? Are there things you wish you could tell employers anonymously (or even non-anonymously)?

Sounds like you should take this survey!

The Hiring Librarians’ Survey of Current LIS Job Hunters is designed to collect information for people who hire librarians about what attracts or repels job hunters, what is confusing, and what (if anything) is awesome about the hiring process. It should also let job hunters vent a little (or a lot) and share information and encouragement with other job hunters.

It’s a little longer than my normal surveys, but feel free to skip any questions that don’t sing to you, ok?

As always, I welcome your questions/comments/concerns. Email me or hit me up here or on the socials.

Thanks for reading and responding!

Your Pal,


Poster showing head and shoulders of woman operating machinery as part of World War II production effort, with text  I've found the job where I fit best! Find your war job in industry, agriculture, business
 I’ve found the job where I fit best! Find your war job in industry, agriculture, business. Boston Public Library, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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