Blog Business: 3 things

Hello my Friends!

Three items for your consideration.

First, a recommendation. Have you read Obstacles and barriers in hiring: Rethinking the process to open doors by Mimosa Shah and Dustin Fife? Written like that transcript of a “watercooler chat,” it’s filled with thoughtful insight about the hiring process. Shah says, “You mention that the system is “working as designed” for individuals who are already acquainted with it. Often, the advice will be to “think like a white cis-man,” even from well-intentioned BIPOC folks, when it comes to job seeking and salary negotiations. But what if we’re imagining a different future? What if we believe the DEAI statements we write that underscore the need for transformation in the LIS profession? While it’s taken me some time to love and cherish the person I am, I wouldn’t be anything but who I am now: a South Asian American cis woman with her own experiences and perspective.” While it is expressly about Shah’s academic job search, I think hiring managers from all types of libraries will find actionable items as well as sharp analysis.

Second, a request. If you are currently looking for work and haven’t yet taken my survey for LIS job hunters, please join 389 of your peers and fill it out. Although I am planning to keep it open for a while, I will (theoretically) start doing preliminary quick-and-dirty analysis over the weekend.

Finally, a favor. Recently one of my colleagues said to me, “I hear you have a website that posts job listings, could you please post this one?” As you may know, I don’t actually normally post job listings. However, I am a big fan of this colleague, so I told her I’d pass it on. Tehama County, California is hiring a County Librarian. Yes, the salary is included in the job ad (it’s actually California state law that it must be included). If you’re looking for a new position at this level, check it out!




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