srs meEmily Weak earned her MLIS from San Jose State University in May 2011.  She suffers from the curse of being interested in EVERYTHING, and consequently her career and research interests are very broad.  She currently works as an adult services librarian, but has been an administrator, cheesemonger, manager, and circus student, among other things. In her free time, she is one of those librarians who just really likes reading wait, what’s free time?

Get to know her public-professional side through her LinkedIn profile or her public-personal side at MLISsing in Action.

Hiring Librarians

This blog would be very boring without the contributions of people who hire librarians. Most have chosen to remain anonymous, but here’s a little more information about some of the ones who have not.  If you hire librarians and would like to lend your knowledge and experience to this project, please contact me at 

Marleah Augustine, Adult Department Librarian at Hays Public Library

Marleah Augustine Ms. Augustine is a hiring manager.

Hayes Public Library has 10-50 employees. You can take a look at what Hays Librarians are reading and watching here.

Nicola Franklin, Director, The Library Career Centre Ltd.

Ms. Franklin is an independent recruiter.

The Library Career Centre provides recruitment services for employers as well as for-pay candidate services such as CV / resume writing and interview coaching. Ms. Franklin has been in the library recruitment field for 20 years. Prior to striking out on her own, she worked with Manpower PLC, Sue Hill Recruitment, and then the international firm, Fabric. She is a fellow of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and member of the Special Libraries Association.

Gwen M. Gregory, Resource Acquisition and Management Librarian and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago Library. Gwen Gregory

Ms. Gregory is a department manager.

She hires employees and serves on hiring committees.  She currently manages a department of seventeen professional and paraprofessional staff members.  She has also hired and supervised staff in other academic and special libraries, both large and small.    The UIC Library has over 200 staff members supporting the information and research needs of 36,000 students, faculty, and staff in 5 locations throughout Illinois.

Paula Hammett, Librarian at Sonoma State University Paula Hammet

Ms. Hammett has chaired and been a member of a many hiring committees.

SSU’s library is very student-centered, and provides a flexible environment which nurtures collaboration and creativity as well as academic understanding.

Colleen Harris, Head of Access Services at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga’s Lupton Library Colleen Harris

Ms. Harris has been a hiring manager and a member of hiring committees.

The Lupton Library has 10-50 staff members. You can read all about what a day there is like on her blog, Guardienne of the Tomes.

In addition to her library work, Ms. Harris writes poetry.

Sue Hill, Managing Director, Sue Hill Recruitment Sue Hill

Sue Hill is the Managing Director of Sue Hill Recruitment.

Sue Hill Recruitment is an independent agency based in London where the focus is on helping a diverse range of clients fill jobs with an information function. This extends from librarians, researchers, archivists, records managers, information and knowledge managers and also encompasses market research and insight. Sue is an honorary Fellow of CILIP as well as being a Fellow of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. She and her team are keen bloggers and tweeters and accomplished speakers and writers on a myriad of topics based around hiring and professional development. You can join the discussion on the Sue Hill LinkedIn group here:

Julie Leuzinger, Department Head, Eagle Commons Library, University of North Texas Libraries
Julie Leuzinger has been in management since beginning her career in 1998 as the manager and co-owner of a martial arts school in the north Texas area.
After 7 years in training, Julie received her 1st Degree Black Belt in management (specializing in supervisory take downs) and can make even the most complex event planning situations tap out. She moved to an academic library in 2005, received her MLS in 2006 and is currently the department head for the Eagle Commons Library, a small branch library on the University of North Texas campus. You are probably wondering what martial arts schools and libraries have in common, right? They both have people with distinct needs for knowledge or improvement, one for self-defense, and the other for information.

Marge Loch-Wouters, Youth Services Coordinator at La Crosse Public Library Marge Loch-Wouters

Ms. Loch- Wouters is a Children’s librarian at La Crosse Public Library.

La Crosse is in Wisconsin and has 50-100 staff members.  The Youth Services Department puts on over 1,100 events each year, reaching more than 30,000 children and teens. Ms. Loch-Wouters was the 2010 Wisconsin Library Association Librarian of the Year. You can read more about her perspective on Children’s Services on her blog: Tiny Tips for Library Fun. She has been a hiring manager and a member of a hiring committee.

Petra Mauerhoff, CEO, Shortgrass Library System

Petra Mauerhoff
Petra Mauerhoff is the CEO for Shortgrass Library System, one of Alberta’s seven regional library systems, based in Medicine Hat.

Petra Mauerhoff earned her MLIS from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS in 2001 and since then has worked in a variety of libraries. Some of Petra’s previous positions include working in the arctic as Manager of Nunavut Public Library Services, as Chief Librarian for one of Nova Scotia’s Regional Libraries and as Manager of College Library Services for College of the Rockies.

Sarah Morrison, Adult Services Librarian at Neill Public Library.

Sarah Morrison


Ms. Morrison oversees a small department in a public library with 15.7 FTE staff.

She has participated in hiring committees for both her own department and for other departments in the library.

When not training staff,she (wo)mans the reference desk, orders all the adult materials, and conducts programming.

Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean for Technical Services at the J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans. Laurie Phillips

Ms.Phillips has been a hiring manager (hired employees to directly or indirectly supervise).

Her library is student-centered, with team based staffing.

It is also a forward-thinking institution, and acts as the campus center for instruction in the use of technology in teaching and research.

Randall Schroeder, Director of Libraries, Archives and Media at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota

Randall Schroeder In August 2013, Mr. Schroeder was appointed Director of Libraries, Archives, and Media at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.

He spent five years as Department Head for Public Services at Ferris State University in Michigan prior to St. Catherine. Mr. Schroeder supervises two libraries, in St. Paul and Minneapolis as well as media services for the University.

He was also a quiz winner on public radio’s “Whad’ya Know?” with Michael Feldman.

Emilie Smart, Division Coordinator of Reference Services & Computer Services at East Baton Rouge Parish Library Emilie Smart

Ms. Smart has retired.

She has been active in RUSA and was the 2011-2012 Discussion Forums Coordinating Committee Chair. She was a hiring manager at East Baton Rouge Public Library. EBRPL has more than 500 staff members. You can learn a little more about the library’s events and services by checking out their blog.

John Stachacz, Dean of Library Services at Wilkes University John Stachacz

Mr.Stachacz has been a a hiring manager and a member of hiring committees.

The Eugene S. Farley Library has 10-50 staff members. It supports scholarship, of course, but it also provides a collection of classic films on DVD that helps students balance the stress of academic life. The library has added a learning commons, which provides access to technology and space to collaborate.

Blog Operations

Jennifer Devine

Jennifer Devine, 


Jennifer Devine completed her MLIS concentrating in Archives and Preservation in 2013 from the University of South Carolina. She is currently employed as an Assistant Archivist in Washington, D.C. She also volunteers at I Need A Library Job (INALJ) as a Head Editor and Volunteer Coordinator. She is still in search of a full time position and in the meantime enjoys helping others and providing advice for those pursing a career in the Library/Information Professional World.

Sarah Keil image2

Sarah Keil, 

Further Questions Feature

Ms. Keil earned her MLS and MA (African Studies) from Indiana University Bloomington in 2013 and also holds a BA from Wittenberg University.
She is currently the Instruction and Serials Librarian at Trevecca Nazarene University.



20 responses to “Bios

  1. Thank you for starting this, Emily. It will be very helpful to a lot of us.

    About being interested in EVERYTHING–my Foundations class professor told us that “librarians are interested in **everything,**” and that’s how I knew I was in the right place.

  2. Eleanor

    What a creative blog idea! As a fellow SJSU MLIS “soon to be” graduate…I thank you for providing us LIS job seekers with an informative and helpful new resource!

  3. Hi Emily, I am really enjoying this blog, & I just recommended it on various listservs (including those for our students and alumni). Well done and I look forward to reading future postings! Thank you~

    Ellen Mehling, MSLIS
    Director, Westchester Program and Internships
    Palmer Graduate School of Library and Information Science
    Long Island University

  4. Nan

    Fantastic job, Emily.

  5. Bonnie

    I think this is a great idea for a blog. Instead of generic tips, we get perspective and advice from those who are currently or recently involved in the process of hiring librarians. Thanks for working on this and sharing!

  6. abigailbaconblog

    I wish the respondents to the survey would let us know some “real” reasons why a person won’t make it to an interview or get the job offer. Things like typos, professional dress, and eye-contact are so basic, I imagine that those kinds of things only eliminate the lowest 5% of applicants- but they doesn’t illustrate how one can make it into the top 5% that will actually get somewhere in the interview process.

  7. Natalie

    Can you do a mini series on negotiating after being presented with an offer? I think this is an overlooked part of the hiring process, especially for those landing their first professional positions. Maybe create a survey to specifically address issues for that very crucial step in the process? Thanks!

  8. Hi Emily, I am curious what an on-call librarian is? Can you explain a little about that?

    • Sure – the short answer is: a substitute librarian.
      The longer answer is a bit fuzzier. This is the “about” paragraph from our Facebook group:

      On-Call, pool, and substitute library workers are those who work without a permanent schedule and generally without benefits. Although this group often enjoys the freedom of choosing shifts and locations, they do not have the support offered by more regular employment. On-Call library workers do not regularly meet and speak with other on-call workers. The irregularity of their schedules means that it can be difficult to forge the working relationships and professional networks common to those who work side by side, day in and day out.

      And if you really want to read more about it, my research partner Sarah Naumann and I have a project where we’re looking at this kind of work in the SF Bay Area. Our project website, including bibliography, is here:

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  10. Anonymous

    I need to hire a part-time work from home academic librarian for a small online college based in Florida. Where do I post?

  11. You don’t have someone in this list who has worked and hired for non-library organizations. Stick in some folks on this panel from electronic records information management, knowledge management or corporate content management.

    There are some differences in the electronic records information management among folks who have MLS degrees + library management experience vs. those who have not received the formal training.

    Jean, MLS

    • The people who answer the weekly Further Questions question (many more are on the list but don’t have bios here) have mostly arrived on the list organically, by answering one of my surveys. And frankly, my focus really is on libraries, with occasional forays into archives. I’m not opposed to having people with the backgrounds you mention answer, but I don’t plan on going looking for them.

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