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Reminder: Interview Questions Repository & Salary Info

Have you been on a library interview recently? Or are you prepping for one?

Sounds like you could use The Interview Questions Repository!

This resource holds questions that people were asked in interviews from more than 500 respondents over nearly a decade.

Click on the upside down triangle to the right of the question in the header row to sort by things like interview type, position, etc.

Please help this resource grow! Share the link widely with your friends and colleagues and if you’ve had a library interview recently, report the questions you were asked.

Interested in viewing Salary Info from more than 270 LIS workers? The second page of the Interview Questions Repository shares that data. If you are interested in adding your own salary info, please use this form.

If you have feedback, I’d love to hear it. Please feel free to email me or use the contact form.

Please note: The links should give you everything you need – please use and share those rather than requesting access through Google Drive. You can always find these links in the toolbar to the right —> and in the static pages listed in the tabs up top (Interview Questions and Salary Info)

yellow compact shelving
A View of the Yellow Repository. The National Archives (UK), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Interview Questions Repository

Do you know about the Interview Questions Repository? This is a spreadsheet that records responses from a form that asks job hunters to record questions they were asked in an interview, as well as some additional information about interview type and demographics. There are more than 500 responses. It has been open since March of 2013. The bulk of responses are pre-2019; there are maybe 20 or so that are 2020-current. It is still open (go ahead and submit questions if you recently had an interview) and remained while the blog was offline from 2016-2021.

A lot of folks have told me that this is particularly useful. But I ask, is it useful enough?

I am pondering ways that I could revamp this document to make it easier to use and more current. I welcome your suggestions and feedback. Things I am specifically wondering include:

  • Should I close the current form and start a new one?
  • Are there different questions that would help with sorting?
  • Would a different tool (other than Google forms) make a more usable repository?

This spreadsheet has a second tab which houses information that library workers have reported about their salaries. It likewise remains open, if you are interested in reporting your salary information. You can read more about my colleague Megan and the Twitter discussion that generated this form/spreadsheet at the post titled, Oh Hey Share Your Salary Info Today. It is one of four salary transparency tools for GLAM institutions.

I have similar questions about this spreadsheet. Could it be more useful?

Image of many boxes on shelves. It is the US Polar Rock Repository.
United States Polar Rock Repository (Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA) 2 By Flickr user James St. John CC BY 2.0

Oh hey, still reading? If you’re hungry for more job hunting content, you should head over to In the Library with the Lead Pipe and read the article by Gail Betz entitled Navigating the Academic Hiring Process with Disabilities.


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