Links & Resources

I’m often in awe of the generosity of folks who are willing to take their valuable time to provide a summary of their research, an interview, or an original piece just for Hiring Librarians. The links below will take you to lists of resources that have been featured on the blog; click on the heading for a static page with the full list, or click on the series title for the feed of posts.


There are a number of books written about LIS hiring and careers, each unavoidably colored by the author’s perspective. One of my goals for the blog is to showcase many perspectives, so that readers can make better choices about whose guidance to follow, and what career paths might best suit them. The authors on this booklist were generous enough to write posts for Hiring Librarians, as part of the Author’s Corner series. While the posts offer excellent insight all by themselves, they also allow you more insight into the author’s approach, to help you decide if their book will be helpful in your career path.

Hiring Better: Resources for People that Hire

The first run of Hiring Librarians was pretty eye-opening. I learned that there is no secret to hiring and that people who hire library workers have all sorts of contradictory opinions and practices. And I saw that many of those opinions and practices are rooted in internal bias. So this time around, I’ve been looking for ways to help mitigate harm, both in the work of this blog and in our collective practices. Many of the resources profiled in the Hiring Better series are equity focused for this reason. However, there are a few which provide simple, practical answers to real problems, such as Hilary Kraus’ Posting Jobs via iSchools spreadsheet.


Here is a list of resources for the evidence-based job hunter (and LIS hirer). These authors of these articles generously took time to write a post about their research into LIS hiring. If you don’t have time to read the full article, the post can often provide a good capsule. They were all part of the Researcher’s Corner series.

Web Guide

Here is the list of web sites we’ve profiled over the years. Some provide advice and support, some are job boards, and some provide both of those things. Many have been around for over a decade! I call this series Job Hunter’s Web Guide.