Non-monetary ways to support this project include:

Monetary support:

This content is totally free and will remain free. You do not need to pay to use this site.

That being said, monetary support is welcome. I pay for hosting and the domain out of pocket. I made the last annual payment in July 2022. It was $96. The tier we are in provides (among other things) the ability to earn money from ads and the ability to add a donation form.

I want to be fiscally transparent, so I will continue to update this page when/if money comes in. As of early January 2023: There has been one $25 donation ($23.64 after PayPal fees). Ads have generated $50.98 but that will not pay out until it reaches $100.

If you donate, your money will first be applied to costs. After those have been covered, I’ll ask donors to please email me to let me know if you’d like your funds to go to me, to support my work, or if you’d like me to use them to provide stipends for folks who provide content (summaries of research, answers to questions, etc.).

Donation to Hiring Librarians

Want to donate more than $5? Increase the quantity. Thanks so much for your contribution!