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Reader Polls: Job Offers and Men’s Neckties

Hi Readers!

Please help me answer two questions.

The other day my husband asked if anyone had written to me to say that Hiring Librarians helped them find work.  I’ve heard from a few people, but I wanted to ask the rest of you.  If you want to share more of your story, please feel free to do so in the comments!  Of course, if you’ve found a job, you may no longer be reading…

And of course our poor manbrarians have been asking for information on what to wear for interviews.  So I thought I could at least ask:

So thanks for reading, readers, and participating in these polls!  I hope if you were in the Frankenstorm, that you came through it ok. I hope that all your election wishes came true.

And finally, I hope your career is taking off!  The Library of Congress thinks that Librarian Job Growth is Exploding! Also, did you see the current issue of American Libraries?  It includes articles on job searching – check out the sidebar to see our name in a print source!

Anyway, take care!


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