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Reader Response Requested: Is it the Worst Time Ever to be a New Librarian?

For this week’s question, which is something of a downer, I’m going to get you started with a few answers from people who hire librarians, and then I’m hoping you’ll be willing to add your own responses in the comments section.  This week I’d like to know:

Economically speaking, is it the worst time ever to be a newly graduated library job hunter?  If not, when was worse?  
Emilie SmartI think the economy and ever-tightening budgets are affecting our job market overall; however, job seekers looking for entry-level positions should really consider looking nationwide for employment.  My library system is building new branches and adding new services, plus we have folks retiring this year.  All this means that we will have jobs available.  We’ll have a real problem finding people to fill them.
– Emilie Smart, Division Coordinator of Reference Services & Computer Services at East Baton Rouge Parish Library
J. McRee Elrod
I think it is the worst in my memory.  Although I was born in the 1930’s, I don’t really remember the great depression when I am sure it was worse.

In the present economic climate, one must be willing to go where the job is, and not expect to find work where one wishes.

– J. McRee (Mac) Elrod, Special Libraries Catalouging
Terry Ann Lawler
Maybe the Great Depression?
– Terry Lawler, Assistant Manager and Children’s Librarian, Palo Verde Branch, Phoenix Public Library
What do you think readers?  Are we the generation that has it the toughest?


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