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Resource Round-Up: Prepping for Interviews

The Interview Questions Repository is TWO months old!

Here is your monthly reminder to help this resource grow by adding the questions you were asked at your recent library interview:


or by sharing this link widely with your friends and colleagues.

If you are about to go on an interview, use the spreadsheet:


to help you prepare.

Top tip: Switch the spreadsheet to list view, in order to be able to limit by answers – you can choose to only look at the phone interviews at public libraries, for example.

Bottom tip: For respondents, you should be able to edit your answers, if you think of something to add, etc.

You will also always be able to find these links in the sidebar to your right —>

Just to make this post a little more robust, I’ve also pulled together some links with advice on prepping for interviews.

To prep for your interview, you may also want to visit:

a modern hypatia’s Library job hunt quirks: the interview

Ask A Manager’s Interview Guide

Attempting Elegance’s  Questions to Ask Your Interviewers

Hiring Librarians’

Further Questions: Favorite Questions to Ask in an Interview

Keyword Search for Interview: https://hiringlibrarians.com/?s=interview

Researcher’s Corner: Evidence Based Strategies to Interview Success

Mr. Library Dude’s Nailing the Library Interview

That Elusive Archives Job’s Ten Part Series on Interviews

Interview part 1: the basics. 3/17/2010. The kinds of interviews done and nervousness.
Interview part 2: what to expect. 3/19/2010. Is travel paid for, how long is an interview, are presentations and informal meetings typical?
Interview part 3: what to wear, what to wear. 3/22/2010.
BTP: phone interview tips. 3/22/2010.
Interview part 4: So why do I matter anyway? 3/24/2010. The personality questions.
Interview part 5: oh, that old question. 3/26/2010. Some of the standard questions.
Interview part 6: some more old questions. 3/29/2010. Some of the standard questions.
Interview part 7: canned answers, not so canned questions. 3/31/2010. When to prepare answers, and some of the other questions interviewers might ask.
Interview part 8: turnabout is fair play. 4/2/2010. What to do with “do you have any questions for us?”
Interview part 9: good or bad, what makes it so. 4/5/2010.
Interview part 10: the public speaking thing. 4/7/2010. What to do with presentations.

UNC University Library: Sample Interview Questions

….and some classic advice back from before the Annoyed Librarian sold out: Dear Annoyed Librarian #11: Job Interview Tips

What did I miss?  Please share your favorite interview resources in the comments!

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