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Reader Polls: Job Offers and Men’s Neckties

Hi Readers!

Please help me answer two questions.

The other day my husband asked if anyone had written to me to say that Hiring Librarians helped them find work.  I’ve heard from a few people, but I wanted to ask the rest of you.  If you want to share more of your story, please feel free to do so in the comments!  Of course, if you’ve found a job, you may no longer be reading…

And of course our poor manbrarians have been asking for information on what to wear for interviews.  So I thought I could at least ask:

So thanks for reading, readers, and participating in these polls!  I hope if you were in the Frankenstorm, that you came through it ok. I hope that all your election wishes came true.

And finally, I hope your career is taking off!  The Library of Congress thinks that Librarian Job Growth is Exploding! Also, did you see the current issue of American Libraries?  It includes articles on job searching – check out the sidebar to see our name in a print source!

Anyway, take care!


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Progress Report: 12 Days

Thank you, everyone, for reading and tweeting and linking and sharing.  And thank you especially to anyone who has filled out the survey or encouraged someone to do so.

The Mitchell Library in progress, 17 Nov. 1906, by unknown photographer

I just want to give you a brief report on the state of things here at Hiring Librarians.

We launched on February 28th, with three initial posts. We had 92 views and I was very excited because the busiest day I had ever seen on my silly personal blog was 30 views.  “Well allright!” I thought.

In the time between then and now, folks talked and posted about us. I Need a Library Job, Ask a Manager, and LISNews were particularly instrumental in sending a lot of you here, as of course were LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (we’re @HiringLib, by the way).

As of Friday, March 9th at about 5PM PST:

  • Our busiest day was Thursday, March 8th with 1,161 views.
  • We have had 4,671 views in ALL OF TIME.
  • We have 80 (!)  completed surveys, including 12 by people who are willing to be named.

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome this makes me feel, right on down to the bottom of my tiny little heart. This is way more people, way more quickly, than I ever expected.

Patrons reading newspapers in the State Library of Queensland, 1934Going forward, the plan is to post five interviews a week, spend one day on stats, and take one day for news or rest. In general I think blogs should be episodic and not overwhelming, and a post a day seems manageable. But let me know if you feel differently!

I am also starting to think about some things on which I would love to hear your thoughts.


Will readers eventually stop being interested?  Will I exhaust the interest of individuals who hire librarians? I can only post requests for participation on so many listservs before turning into an annoying spammer.


I would like to encourage more commenting, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that.  Ideally, hiring managers and jobhunters could have some nice conversations here, but that may not be realistic.


I’m not even sure who is reading!  Is it all job hunters? Won’t you please take my poll?

I hope this will continue to be useful and interesting for you.

Thank you again for reading, sharing, and participating.


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