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Library School Career Center: University of Tennessee

This is the second installment of the Library School Career Center feature, which is presented in partnership with the folks from the blog Hack Library School.  If you’re interested in library education, or in new ideas and the future of the profession, you should check it out.


This installment is a little different, as the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences does not have a career center. However, they do have career related services. HLS writer Chris Eaker investigated his school’s website; questions were answered as completely as possible and marked N/A where not applicable.

Career Center Information

Who staffs the career center?  Please talk a little about how it is managed and run? 


Are there “career experts” on staff?  What are their credentials? 


Does the school provide any of the following:

Library school provides:

√ Job Listings   √ Literature/articles

University’s career center provides:

√ Resume/CV Review   √ Help writing cover letters

√ Interview Practice   √ General Career coaching

Do you provide in-person services?


Do you provide online services?

√ Website with resources

Can you talk a little bit about the school’s approach to internships, practicums and/or volunteering?

UTK SIS has a full time practicum coordinator, so they place high value on this means of gaining work experience.


What degree(s) do you offer?


Is it ALA accredited?


What are the entrance requirements?


When was the library school founded?

1928, accredited in 1972

Where are you?

√ Southern US

Where are you?

√ Urban area

Chris Eaker is a graduate student at the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences and is a graduate research assistant in the Data Curation Education in Research Centers program. He is specializing in research data curation.

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