New Survey: Interview Questions “Database” (aka Interview Questions Repository)

Hey look, a new survey! (kind-of)

A few months ago there was a LinkedIn discussion about interview questions, and someone, possibly even me, suggested that it would be a good idea to put together a database where people could share questions they were asked at interviews.**

Well, here it is.

You’ll notice that 1) it’s not a database, it’s a spreadsheet and 2) no one has shared any questions yet.  more than 60 people have shared questions! Hopefully you can work with the first and change the second. increase the second.

Top Tip: Switch the spreadsheet to list view, in order to be able to limit by answers – you can choose to only look at the phone interviews at public libraries, for example.

If you have recently been interviewed, or if in the future you go on and interview, or even answer some supplemental questions, please go to the

Library Interview Questions Form,

and let us know what you were asked.  As it says on the form, please of course conform to any confidentiality agreements your potential employer put in place with you.

If you are going on an interview, eventually

the spreadsheet

will be a place to help you prepare.

Aviatrix Jean Batten being interviewed after her flight from England to Australia, State Library of Queensland

**If I was not the person that had this idea, if you were the person who had this idea, thank you, and I hope this is ok.

***Text in green was added in on 3/13/2013 at 5:47 PM


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15 responses to “New Survey: Interview Questions “Database” (aka Interview Questions Repository)

  1. I really appreciate your efforts in taking this on, Emily. Thank you! I hope to finish my MLIS at San Jose State this year, and expect to be on the job market in the not too distant future. I look forward to this being a valuable resource by the time I am ready to interview.


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  3. Marti Nelson

    I have gone on tons of librarian interviews and yet to land a job. I finished my MLIS degree in May 2011. I have applied and academic and public libraries, because my experience is in both types. Recurring question/statements that I have been asked are:
    1. Describe your experience with social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker.
    2. Describe a team project that you worked on and enjoyed.
    3. Define ‘makerspaces” and tell what you would do with the space.


  4. Laurel

    This is a great resource. Thank you. It would be nice to have the same spreadsheet for Library Assistants as well.


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  6. Mary

    I had filled out the form and my questions were posted on the spreadsheet and now they’re gone? Why?


    • They shouldn’t be. Two explanations I can think of: you’ve got it in list view and have sorted it in such a way that your answers aren’t showing up or Google hiccuped. I suppose you might also have edited your responses inadvertently?

      If you want to give me more info about your answers, I can see if I see them. You can email me at hiringlibrarians AT gmail, if you’d rather not do this via comments.


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