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  1. pigbitin mad

    To the rather arrogant sounding person who posted that they wanted someone with a “crapload of IT knowledge” what are they really asking for. Coding; the ability to turn data models into SQL?? Nobody at any library I have ever worked for or known about had that kind of ability. If they did they would certainly have more options than to work at a library. Or does she must mean, someone who understands who to navigate databases and elicit information using Boolean logic. When she says IT knowledge, it sounds like she wants a programmer. Whereas, I am not a programmer but have a pretty good knowledge of Windows (enough to troubleshoot everyone else’s dumb problems) and a working knowledge of XML and all its variations. If it is the latter, then she is alienating a lot of good people.

    I don’t know, did she have a crapload of IT knowledge when she started her first job or did she learn it on the job like everyone else. Maybe she should get off her high horse just a tad.


  2. pigbitin mad

    Oh,, and you have to excuse the typos. I am not writing under my name, nor is this for a job at the White House so I really did not have the inclination to spend time proof reading. (Just to pre-empt some know it all who is sure to point out that ‘grammar and spelling’ are the reasons I can’t get hired).


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