Oh Hey, Share Your Salary Info Today!

Oh Hey Everybody!

Remember Hiring Librarians? Let’s all take a moment to think back on our favorite post, be it inspirational or infuriating.

Have you thought of it? Wasn’t that fun!

Did you know that even though there haven’t been any new posts since 2016, people have still been using some of the resources? Most notably the Interview Questions Repository, which now has over 475 responses! Isn’t that cool?

But wait there’s more!

This week my colleague Megan contacted me with an idea. She said that some folks on Twitter had been sharing salary info, and that @paraVestibulum, was hoping to collect the data on a spreadsheet or somesuch.  She thought, why not add it as a new tab in the Interview Questions Repository?

I said, “that’s a great idea!”

So she put together a new form, with some input from me and @paraVestibulum, and I am now proud to share it with you here.

If you’re interested in sharing your salary info, please go to the form

If you’d like to check out what others have shared, the repository is here. It now has a tab for interview questions and a tab for shared salary information.

I hope you’ve all had, and continue to have, excellent experiences in your library careers.

Best Wishes,


PS A recommendation: if you haven’t already, read Vocational Awe and Librarianship: The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Fobazi Ettarh. It is an incredibly useful framing of how we think about our work, and how we value ourselves and others.


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